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Why preventative care is important

Alexandria, VA family dentistry protects all aspects of a healthy mouth. Checking for decay, gum disease and other health concerns, plus professionally cleaning to remove harmful plaque, preventative family dentistry preserves smiles for years. At Gibberman Dental, Paul preventive careGibberman DDS, Lauren B. Gibberman DDS and Bindu Vemaraju DDS place a high priority on prevention and offer a comprehensive list of restorative and cosmetic services, too.

Prevent Problems with Alexandria, VA Family Dentistry

The American Dental Association says that dental decay is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the country today. Even children between the ages of 5 and 9 have at least one cavity or one filling in their mouths. Plus, advanced gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in American adults.

To keep ahead of these threats to oral health, Dr. Paul Gibberman and his associate dentists advise all their patients--from young children to older adults--to have routine dental exams and cleanings twice a year. The idea is to spot issues, such as decay, while small and easily treated. As such, a regular check-up at Gibberman Dental includes:

  • visual inspection for decay
  • periodontal probing of gum pockets to check for gum disease
  • assessment of bite and jaw alignment
  • a quick and painless check for oral cancer on the tongue, roof of the mouth, cheeks and gums
These Alexandria, VA family dentists utilize intra-oral cameras to uncover hidden problems in the mouth and also modern x-rays to detect hidden decay or problems with roots or jaw bone. Best of all, a routine check-up provides dentist and patient opportunity to discuss problem areas and cosmetic goals.
The Dental Cleaning
Besides the exam, a registered dentist hygienist gently scales the patient's teeth. This procedure removes biofilm--the bacteria-laden plaque and tartar that collects between teeth and under gum tissue. If not removed periodically, plaque and tartar cause decay and gum disease. When unchecked, mild gum disease, called gingivitis, progresses to a more destructive form--periodontitis. Periodontitis is a infection that causes:
  • gums to swell, bleed and be tender
  • pus at the gum line
  • gum recession
  • destruction of the supporting bone in the jaw (alveloar ridge)
  • tooth mobility and tooth loss
Given what happens without routine dental care, check-ups and cleanings are a great investment. Plus, they support at-home brushing, flossing and a healthy, low-sugar diet.
In addition, Dr. Gibberman and his colleagues often recommend dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Long-standing tools of preventative dentistry, easily applied plastic sealants and fluoride protect tooth enamel from acids in the mouth.
Now You Know
Preventative dental care is so important for all members of the family. Drs. Paul Gibberman, Lauren B. Gibberman and Bindu Vemaraju encourage you to contact their office to schedule your exam appointment. Keep your healthy smile for a lifetime with preventative dental care.

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