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When Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

Find out when it’s time to part with your toothbrush for good.

ToothbrushYou replace your razorblade after several uses and the experts tell you to toss those tennis shoes after so many miles, so why shouldn’t the same be true for your toothbrush? If you’ve had the same toothbrush sitting in your bathroom for months, then chances are it’s time to part ways and buy a new toothbrush. Your Alexandria, VA family dentist offers up these rules for when you should replace your toothbrush.

Inspect Your Bristles

A good rule of thumb is to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head about every three to four months; however, the best way to tell whether it’s time to get a new toothbrush is to look at the bristles. If they are starting to splay out then it is time to replace it. Fraying bristles won’t offer an effective clean like a new toothbrush can. Check out the condition of your toothbrush to figure out whether it’s time to throw it away.

Toss After Travel

It’s always a good idea to get rid of your toothbrush after traveling with it. While this might seem like overkill, your toothbrush has been handled by airport security and been stuck in luggage and sitting around your hotel bathroom. You have no idea what kinds of germs are lurking in your toothbrush. While no one wants to think about germs while on vacation, take a second to get yourself a new brush once you return home.

Replace After an Illness

If you’ve been sick the germs and bacteria are now sitting on your toothbrush. You don’t want to reinfect yourself. Therefore, when you have fully recovered from your illness, it’s time to spring for a new, clean toothbrush.

Call Gibberman Dental Today!

Of course at-home brushing is an essential part of preventive care when it comes to keeping a healthy, cavity-free smile; however, this isn’t all you need to do. You should also see your Alexandria family dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and routine exam. If you want to keep gum disease and dental decay away, you need to schedule your next six-month appointment with us.

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