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Tips On Teaching Your Child to Brush

Children are notorious for being picky and stubborn when it comes to their oral health. However, making brushing fun can change their brushingoutlook on keeping their smile healthy and help establish an effective oral health routine. Learn some easy tips on teaching your child to brush with your dentists at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA.

Tips on Teaching Your Child to Brush

  • Make Brushing Fun: Children have enormous imaginations. Using a game like “playing dentist” can help teach your child the proper techniques for brushing. Use a toy or stuffed animal to show your child the proper way to brush. Then, have them try it on themselves. Alternatively, make up a game to play during brushing time to keep them interested and help build the excitement level while brushing and visiting the dentist. Additionally, try using kid-friendly toothpaste with fun and tasty flavors like bubblegum or strawberry.
  • Set a Good Example: Children learn from what they see. If mommy and daddy have great oral care routines, it sets a good example for their children. Be sure to brush twice daily and floss at least once, including your child in your oral care routine. Set a good example by remaining committed to your oral hygiene and setting a solid routine.
  • Establish an Effective Routine: Daily routines help children establish self-discipline and get into good habits early. Brushing around the same times every day or after certain activities can help your child establish good oral hygiene habits which will last a lifetime.

Pediatric Dental Examinations and Cleanings in Alexandria, VA
The eruption of a child’s first tooth is a good sign they should see their dentist for their first examination and cleaning. However, since not all children’s teeth erupt at the same time, the general rule is that a child should see their dentist by the age of one. This allows your dentist to aid in establishing good oral hygiene routines and monitor your child’s dental milestones to ensure they reach them normally. Regular dental appointments and cleanings keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy and give your dentist the chance to administer the necessary dental care for any issues which may occur.

For more information on teaching your child to brush, please contact Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren B. Gibberman, and Dr. Bindu Vemaraju at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA. Call 703-823-6616 to schedule your child’s dental examination today!

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