Get a Straighter Smile without Any Embarrassment

Some patients refuse to get metal braces because they don’t want the embarrassment, stigma and discomfort that comes with wearing them for an extended period of time. Yet, many patients are eager to achieve a smile that is better aligned and attractive. Learn how dentists at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA, may be able to help you get a straighter smile with Invisalign invisible aligners instead Invislignof metal braces.

Embarrassing Braces...

When you get traditional metal braces, the orthodontist first cements a metal bracket to each tooth in the treatment plan. Then, a metal wire is attached to the brackets—the wire will provide tension and move the teeth into the desired position. Every time you smile or talk, others can clearly see the metal brackets and wire. If you go out to eat, chewing can be difficult and food sometimes gets stuck between the wires. It can be very embarrassing to live with for an extended period of time, which is why many patients want a different solution.

Invisalign Eliminates the Embarrassment

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that eliminates much of the embarrassment that comes with wearing metal braces. Instead of brackets and wires, your Alexandria dentists use plastic aligner trays to give you a straighter smile. The trays are clear and more discreet. They can also be removed when needed, which is a major convenience for someone who has a lot of social and professional obligations.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

The length of an Invsalign treatment varies depending on the patient. Some patients have their straighter smile in as little as a few months while others take up to a year. Compared to metal braces, the treatment period for invisible aligners is usually much shorter. Your dentist will give you an estimated timeline at your consultation appointment.

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Part of having a better smile is straightening and aligning your teeth. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of wearing metal braces, call Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA, today at (703)823-6616 to ask about Invisalign invisible braces.


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