Faqs About Getting Crowns

Your smile is a great asset, allowing you to eat, speak and express yourself. If one or more teeth become damaged by decay, infection or dental implantinjury, you need the best help possible. At Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA your dentists, Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas provide superb restorative care, including dental crowns. Read some answers to frequently asked questions regarding crowns and how they bring smiles back to life.

FAQs about dental crowns

What is a dental crown, and why would I need one? A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration customized to fit over the top of a damaged tooth. Fashioned according to oral impressions (negative imprints of your teeth and surrounding gum tissue), your crown will fit right over your tooth and restore its strength, function, shape and color.

How does the dentist know I need one? By visual examination and X-rays, your Alexandria dentist determines if a dental crown would restore your tooth and avoid unnecessary extraction. They also use crowns to finish dental implant procedures, to cover teeth after root canal therapy and to support bridgework composed of one, two or more adjacent artificial teeth.

Is it hard to care for a crown? No, it's not difficult at all. Just brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and floss between your teeth and at the gum line as the American Dental Association directs. Watch your diet, avoiding hard foods, and never open bottles or packages with your teeth as you could damage or loosen the crown. See your dentist at Gibberman Dental twice yearly for an examination and professional cleaning.

Can a crown be used solely for cosmetic reasons? While dentists use crowns primarily to restore teeth which otherwise would be lost, crowns do serve cosmetic purposes, too. A tooth with a large chip, deep stains, surface irregularities or an odd shape may be a great candidate for a crown, particularly if it is healthy and has the potential for a long life.

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Your professional staff at Gibberman Dental loves to answer questions from patients. If you think you need a crown or are concerned about the health of a tooth, please call the office for an appointment at (703) 823-6616.

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