Dental Crowns & How They Can Help Your Smile

A dental crown is basically a cap or covering that will fit over the tooth that’s being treated. It is strategically placed over your tooth so that it can conceal a flaw, augment a tooth’s shape, restore a tooth’s original size, or generally enhance the overall appearance of a tooth. At Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA, the patients of Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman, and Dr. Maria Hodas have already reaped the benefits of dental implants. Besides closely resembling the look of natural teeth, they can also be easily shaped to match you’re the actual features of your teeth. There are various reasons why your dentist might recommend a dental crown. These include the following:

Protecting a Huge Dental Filling

If you have a big filling with a cavity surrounding it or if the filling is failing, just removing the cavity or filling may raise the risk of the tooth getting fractured. In this case, a crown will have to be placed over the tooth to ensure its structural integrity and prevent it from fracturing.

Safeguarding a Fractured Tooth

A tooth with a significant crack or missing portion might need a dental crown to prevent it from progressing into a full-on fracture. This is performed to protect the tooth’s structure, prevent tooth loss, and strengthen the weakened tooth.

Enhancing a Tooth’s Appearance

Maybe your gums have receded or gotten lower, an existing dental crown no longer looks/feels great, or you just want to cover one badly stained tooth that doesn’t respond to professional whitening. You can address all of these concerns with dental crowns. You might also be able to request a different shade or shape to match your existing real teeth, but this will significantly depend on why you’re getting fitted for a crown in the first place.

Help Your Smile With Dental Crowns from our Alexandria Office

Arrange an appointment here at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA, with one of our dentists Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman, or Dr. Maria Hodas. Dial (703) 823-6616 for further details.

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