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April 09, 2018
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Tooth-colored fillings offer important benefits, whether you need a new filling or must replace an old one. Dentists Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr.fillings Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas, who practice family dentistry in Alexandria, VA, discuss several unique advantages of tooth-colored fillings.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings draw attention to your dental work, while tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend in with your teeth. The fillings are made of composite resin, a material that's tinted to match common tooth shades. Although early composite resin fillings didn't hold up so well in back teeth, the fillings are much more durable today and can be used to restore any tooth affected by decay.

Tooth-colored fillings make filled teeth stronger

Removing part of your tooth, even if the step is absolutely necessary to remove tooth decay, weakens the structure. Weaker teeth are more likely to break or crack, which can result in the need for more extensive dental procedures in the future. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings bond to your teeth and help strengthen them.

Tooth-colored fillings also help you avoid cracks that can occur eventually if you have silver amalgam fillings. The metals in amalgam fillings expand and contract when they're exposed to hot and cold temperatures. Over time, constant expansion and contraction can stress your tooth and cause it to crack. Cracks increase the risk of fracture and may provide a convenient entry point for bacteria. Because composite resin fillings are made of powdered glass and resin, they don't react to changing temperatures.

Color changes aren't a problem with composite resin fillings

Large silver amalgam fillings can be visible underneath your tooth enamel, making your tooth look darker. When your filling is tinted to match your tooth color, there are no visible changes to your tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings restore your teeth without changing their appearance. If you're concerned about a toothache, schedule a visit with the family dentistry team at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, VA. Call Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas at (703) 823-6616 to make an appointment.

November 15, 2017
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How dental implants from your dentists in Alexandria, Virginia can give you a beautiful implants

If you are missing teeth, you may not feel like smiling. If your self-confidence is suffering, it’s time to fill in the gaps in your smile. The answer is dental implants! Your dentists at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, Virginia Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas want to share how dental implants can give you a beautiful smile.

There are other options to close gaps in your smile including dental bridgework and removable partials, but neither can offer the reliability and simplicity of dental implants. Dental implants are the most natural-looking, satisfying solution to closing the gaps. People choose dental implants to replace missing teeth because dental implants are:

  • Highly successful, with a success rate of over 95 percent. Dental implants are made of titanium, which is a material that your body won’t reject.
  • Naturally beautiful, because they look just like your existing teeth; they are virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth.
  • Worry-free, because they are stain resistant and will never decay; with proper care, dental implants can provide a beautiful functional smile for life.
  • Completely stable, because they are firmly embedded and supported by bone, so they won’t move around; you can be assured of a stable, beautiful smile when you speak and eat.
  • Healthy, because you can brush and floss the implants just like natural teeth; you won’t need to remove the implants like you do with dental appliances.

Dental implants can restore your smile by replacing a single or multiple missing teeth. You deserve a permanent solution to achieving a beautiful smile, and dental implants are the answer you’ve been looking for. To find out more about dental implants, call your dentists Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas at Gibberman Dental in Alexandria, Virginia today!

March 06, 2017
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Learn about dental crowns from your Alexandria crowns

Whether you have a damaged tooth or a dental imperfection that affects your smile, you can benefit from dental crowns. Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas, your Alexandria, VA, dentists, discuss the many benefits of this versatile dentistry treatment.

What are crowns?

Dental crowns, commonly called caps, are tooth-shaped restorations that fit over teeth. Because biting exerts considerable pressure on your teeth, crowns must be made of very tough materials, such as porcelain, resin, ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. Crowns are designed to fit your mouth perfectly and look just like your natural teeth.

How can a crown help me?

Crowns may be recommended if you have:

  • Chips or Cracks: Chip and cracks aren't just unsightly. They can also weaken teeth and make it easier for bacteria to enter your teeth. Crowns cover chips and cracks, preventing your teeth from further damage.
  • Broken Teeth: Broken teeth can be restored with dental crowns. In some cases, you may need a root canal first before you receive the crown.
  • Weak or Fragile Teeth: Your teeth tend to become more brittle as you age, putting them at risk of breaking. Dental procedures, such as large fillings and root canal treatment can also weaken teeth. Adding a crown to a fragile tooth reduces the risk of a fracture.
  • Unusually Shaped Teeth: When one or two teeth just don't blend in with the rest of your smile, crowns can be a good option. They're a good choice if your tooth is pitted, bumpy, pointed, crooked or twisted.
  • Short Teeth: Short teeth aren't just a cosmetic issue, but can also affect your bite. Crowns restore the full length of teeth that are naturally short or have grown shorter due to your nighttime grinding habit.
  • A Missing Tooth: A bridge is an excellent tooth replacement option if you've lost a tooth or two. Two crowns support one or more artificial teeth in a dental bridge.

Could you benefit from dental crowns? Call Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Hodas, your Alexandria, VA, dentists, at (703) 823-6616 to schedule an appointment.

October 28, 2016
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Do you have a few questions about dental implants? When you're considering tooth replacement options, it's only natural to have a few dental implantsconcerns about the various methods. Dr. Paul Gibberman, Dr. Lauren Gibberman and Dr. Maria Hodas--your Alexandria, VA dentists--share information about dental implants.

Dental implants are versatile

No other tooth replacement option is designed to replace just one tooth or all of them. Single implants are ideal if you only need to replace a tooth or two, while implant-supported dentures are a good choice if you've lost all of your teeth. Implant-supported dentures are anchored by four to six implants per arch and offer benefits that traditional dentures don't, such as:

  • Excellent comfort
  • The ability to bite and chew hard foods
  • Improved speaking ability because implants don't slip
  • Stronger jawbone

Most people can benefit from implants

Dental implants are an excellent choice if you're in good health, have healthy gums and practice good oral hygiene. If you smoke or drink heavily or have uncontrolled diabetes, you may want to reconsider implants, as slow healing may affect the success of the procedure. A shallow or weak jawbone or grinding can also affect your implant, although you can address these problems with bone grafts and nightguards to prevent grinding.

Dental implants are the only long-lasting replacement options

Bridges and dentures wear out in approximately 10 to 15 years and must be replaced. With proper care, dental implants never need to be replaced. Titanium implants don't just sit on your gums; they're actually placed in your jawbone and take the place of your roots. Titanium is a light, tough metal that bonds to bone. Three to six months after you receive your implants, they'll fuse to your jawbone, providing an excellent foundation for the crown that your Alexandria dentist will connect to them. Regular brushing and flossing will keep your implant healthy and strong.

Dental implants restore your smile! Call your Alexandria, VA dentists at (703) 823-6616 to schedule an appointment to learn if you're a good candidate for implants.